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Hiring a Lawyer for Automobile Accident Injury

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August 17, 2023

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Unfortunately, accidents happen, especially in Las Vegas. They come in all shapes and sizes. If you, or someone you care about has been seriously injured in an automobile accident, rideshare such as Uber or Lyft, motorcycle, or commercial vehicle, who is going to pay for your medical bills or wages lost from work? 

Believe it or not, many people do not know what to do immediately after an auto accident because they have either never been in one before, or have just endured a traumatic event to no fault of their own, or both.

There was a time not too long ago when Metro Police, Las Vegas’s Police Department, ceased responding to specific vehicle accidents; however, that law was changed and Metro Police, Nevada Highway Patrol, North Las Vegas, and Henderson police departments will respond to all accidents depending on the location of the accident.

If you are involved in an auto accident, you should immediately call 911 if you are injured

Calling 911 also allows for you to make an incident/traffic report. The incident report is used to gather information about the accident itself, it may contain witness statements, pictures, the police officer’s account of what he/she believed happened leading up to accident and who caused the accident. Second, police reports are not always accurate, so it is important that after you contact Metro, or your local police department, you immediately contact an attorney.

Time is critical right after an accident

It is critical to your health should you be seriously injured; and, it is also critical to the value of your case. Going to the emergency room and/or a quick service medical facility is helpful, but it is not the end of treatment. It is just the beginning. A victim of an automobile accident must seek the proper medical care, whether that be through chiropractic work, pain management, surgery, etc.

Do not speak with the insurance company and/or adjuster

Insurance companies are not looking out for your best interests, they are looking to save money for the celebrities in their commercials and catchy jingles–in the eye of an insurance company, they are looking out for their bottom line. An attorney protects you from calls from the insurance company, along with protecting you from yourself when providing a statement or making damning admissions.

Absolutely take pictures of the scene to denote time of day, vehicle locations, location of accident, weather conditions, and for property damage.

If you are injured, you must maintain treatment, many people try to “tough it out,” but doing that on cheats yourself. If you are injured, you need to be truthful with your medical providers and legal team. Failure to follow your treatment plan could lead to massive loss of value in a personal injury case.

If you cannot get a ride to treatment, find one

If you are forced to miss a treatment day in a given week, make that day up in that same week.
Lastly, you must maintain contact with your attorney throughout treatment. Ensure that all documents are being sent from the provider to your counsel, verify that the treatment has a course (i.e. end goal and/or date), and always double check that major medical procedures are approved by your attorney before they are performed.

At MARATHON LAW GROUP, PLLC, we help victims of accidents while practicing law with integrity.

Our lawyers dedicate both our time and education to our clients and will be running by your side from start to finish line.

We offer free consultations for prospective clients and/or claim review, and do not earn any compensation for our legal services unless we win your case.

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