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Kristina Erdelec
Kristina Erdelec
I needed help with my divorce process. After bad experience with a different law office, I got a recommendation for "Marathon Law Group". I scheduled a consultation with Mr. Boris and after a conversation with him, I already knew I made the right decision. He was very clear,detailed, and helpful. The paralegal that was assigned to me was Susanna, and I don't have enough words to explain how kind and patient she was with me. My case was not the easiest one, and she was walking me through it step by step. They resolved my issue in a very short time. Every time I had a question and reached out to the office over the phone, they were responsive and determined to help me, no matter who answered the phone. I will be forever grateful, and I wish them the best of luck in the future!!
Anthony B
Anthony B
I hired Mr. Avramski for a child custody matter out of Clark County and there aren't enough good words I can say about Mr. Avramski and Marathon Law Group. Everyone involved in this firm, including Mr. Avramski himself, are terrific people who are extremely passionate about the job they do. I have the upmost respect for Mr. Avramski as he not only exceeded my expectations when hiring him for my case, but he made it apparent to go the extra mile to ensure the best case outcome for me. I could not be more thankful to Mr. Avramski and his wonderful staff and I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone that requires his services.
Alicia Henry-Barnard
Alicia Henry-Barnard
Knowledgeable, professional, helpful, informative, honest.... I could go on! Don't go with a cheap attorney like I did..... It ended up costing me tens of thousands instead of going with an attorney who really knows how stuff.
Delicia Davis
Delicia Davis
I am more than grateful and pleased with the results I received with Kristina Kirigin!! I highly highly recommend this attorney after carefully reviewing several attorneys in nevada! My choice was left between her and Joe riccio before learning that they actually worked together. I was in a highly contested custody battle in between 2 different states with another very aggressive attorney representing my ex. I found Kristina Kirigin after having to fire my last attorney and she was able to turn my entire case around that was originally going in my ex's favor due to his constant lies. We went to trial and prevailed with me getting primary physical custody, final say with legal custody, no travel and attorneys fees!! She made my ex tell the truth which broke his entire case. She also worked out a payment plan with me during the process. Kristina Kirigin and her paralegals are life savers! They were all very quick with responses to each email, text or call I made.
Debbie Seiffert
Debbie Seiffert
Joe and his team were 100% there for me during this very stressful time. I can't imagine Joe not being by my side. I highly recommend Joe and his team, I am truly grateful for all of their assistance.
  •   Joe and his staff were very professional and worked diligently to get the most out of our case. they were very communicative and easy to work with. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

    thumb Anthony B.

      Joseph Riccio and his associates over at Marathon Law Group were amazing to deal with after an automobile accident. He and his associates were very professional, kind and knowledgeable and... read more

    thumb Sean D.
  •   I can't say enough good things about this law firm. Joe Riccio did a great job with my auto accident and injury claim. Regular communication was outstanding, the outcome and... read more

    thumb Leo B.

      As someone who recently found themselves in the unfortunate circumstances of being involved in an automobile accident, I can confidently attest to the invaluable assistance provided by Marathon Law Group... read more

    thumb Todd R.
  •   Marathon Law Group, under the expert guidance of Attorney Boris and Case Manager Keron, provided exemplary legal services. From the initial consultation to the resolution of my case, their professionalism... read more

    thumb Franklin M.

      I am more than grateful and pleased with the results I received with Kristina Kirigin!! I highly highly recommend this attorney after carefully reviewing several attorneys in nevada! My choice... read more

    thumb Delicia D.
  •   I just had to come on here and leave a review after my wonderful experience with Marathon Law Group. Joe Riccio (my attorney) and Patricia Maynor (paralegal) completely exceeded my... read more

    thumb Amberly T.

      I was referred to Joe Riccio from Legal Shield to help me. Joe and his team were 100% there for me during this very stressful time. I can't even imagine... read more

    thumb Debbie S.
  •   I love marathon law group! Both Joe and Patricia were absolutely amazing through the whole process of helping me with my custody case with my son. They were extremely helpful... read more

    thumb Janelle C.

      Positive: Professionalism
    Joe Riccio and his staff helped me by drafting a very detailed legal document which will serve to protect my assets in the future. I recommend this Law... read more

    thumb David L.
  •   I want to thank Joe Riccio and Patricia for all of their patience and knowledge. I was referred to Joe and let me just say it was the best thing... read more

    thumb Michelle C.

      I was referred to Mr. Riccio by my best friend. I went through a pretty ugly child custody Battle for a motion to move out of state and I'm so... read more

    thumb Amber P.
  •   Joe Riccio and his paralegal staff have been outstanding !! I have known Joe for over 5 years when he helped me throughout my difficult divorce. He was very... read more

    thumb Paul M.

      Our life would have been completely different if we had this team from the beginning!!! Words cannot express accurately enough how talented, knowledgeable, forthright, aggressive and engaged Joseph Riccio is... read more

    thumb The L.
  •   Joe Riccio and his staff have been amazing. They helped me to have a voice in my personal injury case and fought for me to get the treatment I needed... read more

    thumb Evelynn L.

      I can not possibly express what a complete game changer Joseph Riccio is if anyone is dealing with a complex case. Especially in family court you absolutely have to hire... read more

    thumb Dominic L.
  •   I was recommended by a friend to hire Attorney Joseph Riccio for a post divorce child custody case and from the moment I left the consultation my mind has been... read more

    thumb Sal A.

      Joe Riccio helped me with my divorce and mediation. He is a true professional. He is fair, intelligent, reasonable, patient (which I really needed) and helped me navigate the terrain... read more

    thumb Clayton O.
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You couldn't ask for a better attorney!
Joe Riccio is truly the best attorney. He is highly intelligent, knows your case inside and out, will fight for you in court, and cares about you like a family member. I am beyond grateful for Mr. Riccio, and his highly qualified staff. I appreciate his no fluff approach to telling it like it is every step of the way. He doesn’t sugarcoat anything, and he looks out for you, your children, and your financial situation. He is a lawyer who will not take advantage of you. He is a genuine, caring person of integrity. Most importantly, he is a winner, and will fight his hardest for you in court!

anonymous February 28, 2023

The best of the best!!!!!
If I could give more than 5 stars, I would. Joe was my attorney for around 7-8 months in 2022. While I believe I had a frustrating case, he always made it feel so simple and took the stress off of situations. I know so many people who complain about their attorneys never getting back to them, or never feeling fought for/important. I never ever had that problem. This man and his team will ALWAYS answer the phone or emails. You will never feel left out or confused and if for some reason you do, contact them and they will get whatever your issue is squared away. Joe is honest, cutthroat, and takes pride in knowing dang near every law in the book. He is truly the most knowledgeable attorney I have ever met. If you are looking for someone to sugarcoat or tell you what you want to hear regardless of what is actually possible, then don't bother. He will not waste your money or your time, and whether you like it or not, he knows the best ways to handle situations. He will be honest with you and that, to me, is most important in this type of situation. He got me everything I wanted and more than I ever thought possible. I will forever be grateful for Joe and his team. Anything legal-wise I will need in the future, he is my only option by choice. Don't settle for less. Just hire Riccio. PERIOD!

Alexis February 23, 2023

Looking for a lawyer? Look no further.
I've had a few lawyers, and I wish I would have had Joe and his team from the beginning. It would have solved so many problems from previous lawyers that did not do their job properly for me. I am in ongoing case that don't ever seem to stop, But with Joe and his team I am moving right along. Don't look elsewhere for a lawyer, if you here looking at this, You've come to the right GUY AND TEAM that will take care of you.

CJ February 20, 2023

Definitely recommend!!!
Joe & Patricia were rockstars! They were so caring and helpful, which made a very difficult time much more manageable. I can’t thank them enough for all they’ve done for me!!!

Jen E. April 25, 2022

Best lawyer around
I needed to find stronger representation with my 4 yr custody battle close to my trial date and Joe Riccio spent hours with me reviewing my case. He and his paralegal Patricia are a class act. They fought for me and were so professional and always available when I needed them most. With their help and expertise I was able to settle prior to trial with a better outcome than I would have received and I owe it all to them. If you need help they are the ones to call!

Nicole August 26, 2021

The best lawyer in town!
I just had to come on here and leave a review after my wonderful experience with Marathon Law Group. Joe Riccio (my attorney) and Patricia Maynor (paralegal) completely exceeded my expectations. They are worth every penny. The saying you get what you pay for goes beyond in this situation. They are are not only the best at what they do but they are companionate and really get to know you and your case. I went in for the termination of parental rights followed by an adoption and the process was the most non stressful having these 2 by my side. I was so nervous about this process but Joe and Patricia took care of EVERYTHING. They never sugar coated anything and told me exactly what to expect both worst case and best case scenarios and assured me that even worst case scenario would turn out fine with them in my corner. They are both professional and caring and I couldn't have asked for a better team to represent me in one of the most important things in my life. Not only did I get the parental rights terminated, we also were able to have my husband adopt my son. All of which was done in a timely manner. If you are looking for the best attorney in town Joe Riccio is your guy.

Amberly August 19, 2021

Number 1
How is thank you enough? Joe and Patricia are without question the BEST I have had the pleasure of working with. We have battled a 7 year custody case and as a long time client I am forever humbled and grateful for this teams attention to detail, transparency and communication, passion, attention to detail, detective skills, presence and knowledge. Thanks to this team we won BOTH cases and justice was served. Hats of to the entire staff at Marathon Law. I would recommend no other. When you have the best, you can forget the rest.

Helena Edwards August 19, 2021

Highly recommend
I've have had another attorney before Marathon, who didn't help me or watch out for me during my divorce. My case was a high conflict case and not to many attorneys wanted to help, even though it was finalized. My ex kept taking me back to court for small things. Finally I found Marathon, Joe and Patricia. Joe is the type of attorney I wish I had from the beginning. He was very straight forward with everything. He told me what I needed to do to be able to win. If I didn't do it he explained everything in detail of what would happen. Joe was everything I needed to get me through and finally finalize my divorce. He was ruthless in all areas. As for Patricia, his paralegal, she was just amazing. She kept me inline of how the information she needed was to be drafted, if it wasn't a certain way she would ask me to redraft. She only did this to help keep the cost down for me. Patricia had become not only someone who helped me with my case but she also became a friend. She helped me keep my cool when things really got tough. If it wasn't for her, I probably would have become a broken person. I highly recommend both of them to anyone.

Dawn August 18, 2021

Best Lawyer
I want to thank Mr. Riccio Joe because he did an excellent representation in my behalf and also the secretaries give fast and great customer service. I truly recommend it. Thank you

Dulce Sunset March 1, 2021

Marathon Law Group is a stellar team!
Joe Riccio and his staff have been amazing. They helped me to have a voice in my personal injury case and fought for me to get the treatment I needed to recover. They have also helped me in a family law case. Joe personally ensured my safety during a court visit and refused to allow my abusive ex-husband to have access to me during the court time. For the first time in a very long time I felt safe and heard. Patricia, one of the paralegals, has helped me cope with the stress of my case and I can't thank her enough for her understanding and support. If you need help with family law or personal injury this group will have your back and fight for you!

Evelynn June 11, 2020

Best attorney
Joseph Riccio has provided me legal services and guidance on my personal legal matters. Joseph is honest and trustworthy. I highly recommend Joseph Riccio to anyone who needs legal advice or representation.

Alemu March 24, 2020

Excellent Lawyer
Joe and Lauren were so easy to work with and allowed me to focus on healing.

Danielle February 5, 2020

Divorced and Decree Signed by Judge in 20 Days
Joseph and his entire staff are phenomenal!!! Joseph set aside 1 hour of his time at no cost to completely and thougroly explain to me the divorce process and all of my options; with diagrams!! I was so impressed I retained him immediately. My divorce was very unique, in that I filed in another state 15 years ago and after all that time I was ready to marry again. However there was a clerical error on my Decree from the 2004 divorce, the judge never signed it . So I had to go through the process again. Thanks to Joseph and his staff he accomplished in record time a successful divorce with a extremely hostile former wife that also tried to take advantage and extort my assets after 15 years of never speaking to me. THANK YOU JOSEPH AND STAFF!!!!!

David January 27, 2020

The Best of the Best
Joe took on my ex-husband, who happens to be an attorney. He convinced the judge to completely follow all of our requests to the t. Joe is passionate and intelligent and has a fair price. Hire him!

Gena December 31, 2019

I am very grateful for having him represent me. He made me feel extremely confident with my case and I would definitely recommend him. Thank you.

anonymous October 25, 2019

Mr. Riccio and his staff at Vegas West Attorneys always made you feel you were in good hands. You always felt convenient of the outcome of your case. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

Robert August 1, 2019

Couldn't ask for a better outcome
Joe was straight forward with me and totally transparent. He asked what I wanted as an outcome, and he made exactly that happened. Case dismissed.

Dustin July 24, 2019

Exceeded Every Expectation!!
Words cannot express accurately enough how talented, knowledgeable, forthright, aggressive when needed and engaged Joseph Riccio is as an attorney. He has become pivotal in a 3-year high conflict custody battle previously botched by horrible representation and turned it completely around in under 8 months. Equally as important is Patricia Maynor, his legal assistant who is meticulous in her work, prompt in communication and a pleasure to work with. Joseph has not only affected my legal case in the best possible manner but also restored my faith in legal representation and exceeded my expectations every step of the way. If I would have had him from day one my current situation would have become drastically different. I will say this he will be the only representation I use in any capacity needed from here forward. Words cannot express how grateful I am to him and the staff of Vegas West Attorneys for everything they have done to help my family and me!

Dominic May 10, 2019

The guy I should have hired from the start!
My divorce case was being grossly mismanaged by my former attorney who almost cost me everything when he failed to file the evidence by the submission timeline. I fired them and am so grateful I found Joe! Joe got me an extension on my case and was able to push back the deadlines the same day I hired him. He counseled me through the divorce process and got my ex to settle before the trail date. I thought the divorce would take years, but he managed to get everything settled in only a few months. Now I can focus on my daughter again, as well as reestablishing my career.

Dustin May 7, 2019

10 stars
Joe was extremely helpful throughout the whole process. Did an amazing job at explaining things and fighting for what was right. I didn’t feel alone in this scary process. Always quick to respond to any questions or concerns I had. Joe and his staff were all extremely friendly. I highly recommend Joe and can not thank him enough for all that he did for me! A+++

Wendy Velilla April 7, 2019

Joe was amazing! Everything was thoroughly explained from the beginning and updated all along the way. Could not have asked for a better experience.

anonymous April 1, 2019

Couldn’t be happier
Couldn’t of asked for a better experience. We had a rough start with my ex and all of his indecisiveness, but no matter how many revisions (that ultimately ended up in an adoption process) we were always welcomed with understanding and compassion. We always had a well guided hand and, now our family couldn’t feel more full that what we are today. Thank you for the support we received.

Gina March 27, 2019

Mr Riccio handled a very tough job with many other lawyers and showed them that they were not able to prove he was wrong on this case. He constantly communicates with us and explains what is taking place with the courts. You never lose faith in what the outcome will be. a very efficient lawyer

Brian March 17, 2019

We found Joe very quick, sharp witted and spot on with resolving our issue with our son’s case, resulting from a Mental Health condition. We had many different kinds of court hearings. He was easy to communicate with and was always assessible. We were satisfied and happy with how best to solve our situation with the best solution. We highly recommend Joe for his expertise in court.

Faye January 2, 2019

Bringing my son home
Joseph W. Riccio did in 6 months what many other lawyers couldn’t do over 10 years . He saved my son’s life. He used the law and found creative ways to bring my son back home. My son before coming home, was on a very bad path and sorrouned negative people and things that a child should not be subjected too. Being a father, I new the odds were stacked against me, but with Joe’s help and guidance, we were able to save my son from what was for sure to be a dead end path of life. He gave my son opportunity to shine and shine he has with a 4.2 GPA and heading towards the Air Force. He is so exited about life now, a complete 180 and we owe it all to you Joe Riccio. Thank you, his Dad.

anonymous December 3, 2018

Additional time with my child
For years I have had difficulty finding a good attorney to represent me in a very high conflict divorce case. Each attorney I hired employed various strategies that ended in a disaster. Mr. Joseph Riccio evaluated the case, formulated a plan and was able to litigate my case in front of the judge making the Court understand my position. As a result I was grant additional time with my child.

Brent August 9, 2018

Excellent attorney
I needed Mr. Riccio's help with my divorce. I am a foreigner so it was difficult for me to understand the procedures and underlines of the law and Mr. Riccio was absolutely available to help me understand what to do and how to behave. It was quick and easy.

anonymous June 1, 2018

Mr. and Mrs. John Edwards
Mr. Riccio was instrumental in assisting us in custody proceedings with our son. Our case lasted just over a year and without Mr. Riccio’s expertise, attention to detail and proactive approach, the outcome would have been quite different. We were so impressed with his services that even after the case was settled, we are again seeking his services to assist again. Hands down one of the most knowledgeable, professional and patient attorneys I have ever had to the pleasure of working with. He has become part of the family!

Helena May 17, 2018

Family Law - Absolutely recommend
My case was a very hostile one where the opposition made every attempt to seek sole custody due to my employment in the military. My lawyer Joe Riccio made everyday breatheable and educated me with the type of individual I was up against and where this case was headed. He never sugar coated a thing and only gave me the advice I needed. He never contacted me (hourly rate) unless it was absolutely necessary. He is very knowledgeable in Family Law and I highly recommend him to represent any individual who has a bitter ex that wants to do nothing but take everything that you care about from you. He not only stopped the opposition from controlling the case, he fought to not have me pay alimony. There were many instances when the opposition tried to manipulate the case with frivolous litigation only to be put in their place by Joe. That told me just how knowledgeable my lawyer was, and I am very grateful for what him and his team did for me. In the end he saved my family from being taken from me which was my primary goal, so our kids were able to have equal time with each parent. He won my case for me and was worth every penny. I do not wish my situation on anyone, but if you ever need a very educated and aggressive lawyer who will fight tooth and nail for you and gets the job done, Mr. Joseph Riccio is exactly who you need.

Shannon May 17, 2018
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