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With over 40 years of combined legal experience, you can trust
Marathon Law Group to provide you with expert guidance and
representation in your case.


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Our team of skilled personal injury lawyers has the
experience and knowledge necessary to help you navigate even
the most complex legal issues and protect your rights.


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Experienced Personal Injury

If you've been injured in an accident, our team of
experienced personal injury lawyers can help you
navigate the legal system and fight for the
compensation you deserve.

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California and
did you have
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Las Vegas?

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Personal Injury Case Results

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Commercial Motor Vehicle Accident $1,750,000

Auto Accident Settlement $1,200,000

Motor Vehicle Accident $550,000

minor child $125,000

T-Bone Accident $275,000

Motor Vehicle Accident $126,000

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Marathon Law Group has over 40 years of local court room experience and has practiced law in virtually every Clark County court. They say that an attorney who does not know their courtroom and/or Judge is the equivalent to a tour guide whose lost with a map: The partners of the firm each have over 13 years of experience in their respective area of law, and they are fully versed with the Las Vegas legal landscape–you can be confident that you are receiving advice that has been garnered by both professional and personal experience when dealing with Marathon Law Group.

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It is important to Marathon Law Group to voluntary serve the Las Vegas community as much as it is to serve clients. Marathon has helped raise money for child cancer research in events and has participated at multiple food banks. Marathon’s duty is to continue to serve the community with top notch legal service while providing first class legal services.

We have achieved many national & international awards for quality.

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